Women After 40 as Victims of Dating Scam

The main victims of scammers on dating sites are women after 40. Today, we will talk about how to recognize scammers on dating services on the Internet and avoid meeting with them.

With the development of the Internet, dating sites are increasingly gaining popularity among users. There are thousands upon thousands of apps and dating websites; they cover many countries, needs, genders, sex, and all that. Unfortunately, using them, you can find not only the love of your life but also scammers who are on the hunt for your money.

So, you’ve decided to register on a dating site. What should you do?

Do you sign up for a free site or pay for membership? Choose the site that best suits your interests. Fill out the form for your profile. Upload the best photos. Start chatting with people you like. And hope that you are lucky.

In addition to scammers who leave a trail of broken hearts and empty wallets (we will describe them below), sometimes it is not easy to distinguish truth from lies on dating sites, you know.

Exaggeration of facts

On dating sites, people often embellish the truth. For example, a man who writes that his height is above 180 cm may be smaller than 175 cm in reality. Or a man claiming that he has a sporty physique may be fat, and his shape may be far from sexy. Often, people post their old photos to appear younger.

It makes no sense to lie because, in the end, the truth will be unveiled.


Dating sites operate on the principle that people make hasty conclusions. Let’s take the following as an example: I liked the man who wrote in his profile, “I live on a horse farm, and I have a house near the river.” He was completely honest. This was my guess, and my gut instincts rarely let me down. He actually lives on a horse farm – on someone’s horse farm – or in a barn. And he has a house by the river – well, not right by the river, as I hoped. The river is just there in this small town where he lives in. And this is not quite his house; it belongs to his family. And they want to sell it altogether.

If you want to avoid disappointment, do not have high expectations, and you will be pleasantly surprised if you find yourself wrong. Be sure to check out the following website that has no scam on it. Trust me – you won’t be disappointed.

Warning for love seekers

Love should strike you in the heart, not in the head. Find out some of the most common fraud schemes. The scammers choose dating sites in search of romantics seeking love. Most often, their “target audience” are women over 40, divorced or widowed and/or disabled. However, every age group of men and women is at risk.

Falling in love with a scammer

The goal is to steal your money or, in some cases, use you for money laundering. Here’s how it works: the scammer creates a fake profile that matches your interests on the dating site. They establish communication with you which lasts for several weeks or even months to establish a trusting relationship. Ultimately, they will ask you for money in one form or another. They may say they are traveling or working abroad in difficult conditions, and your small cash gift will make their lives easier. You may be asked to cash out a sent check and send the money by bank or other transfer or send it by mail because your new friend is currently abroad.

What really happened? Most likely, this suggests the following: “You are the target of scammers most likely because of the information that you posted on a dating site or on a social network. The photos that were sent to you were taken from third-party websites or from someone’s profiles. The profile was also a fake. In addition to losing money because of a person, who was deceiving you, you could unknowingly take part in a money laundering scheme by cashing fake checks or sending stolen goods abroad.

So always be careful, stay smart, and be rational about things and people you meet online.

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