How Not to Fall for a Dating Scam

Many women, not hoping to find love in real life, are trying to find it through dating sites. However, in the virtual world you can find not only a life partner, but also get acquainted with a real scammer, gigolo, marriage swindler and even a maniac.

Realizing the need to expand the circle of communication, I again went to a dating site. Very soon I texted a very nice Russian man living in France. He offered to communicate by mail, and I agreed. His emails got me to know him as a person, he was literally stuffed with virtues, the photos depicted the man of my dreams. In the next message, he informed me that he would soon arrive in my city and he would like to see me. In the same message he told that he was going to his friend’s wife for her birthday and asked me to advise him on what to gift to her. In the next letter, he said that he had bought a gift for me, a laptop, and would send it by mail if I gave him my phone number. Already up to this point, it had something to alarm us – a man turned out to be too perfect to be real. And here it became clear that something was fishy.

Here’s a great article that covers 3 main types of scammers that a user may encounter online, be sure to check it out in order to find out a thing or two about their schemes so that you will be able to avoid them.

I went to the Internet and learned about this method of fraud. A woman is asked for a phone number under the pretext of closer communication, and after a while a call is received on this number or a message asking to pay for the shipment, after which the package will be delivered. Courier costs are about $50 (a caring man, by the way, reports in a message that he has put the money for the shipment into a box with a gift). I think there is no need to explain that after sending the money, the package is not brought to you anyway, and the company through which the gift was supposedly sent was a fake one. The curious thing is that my message, in which I went ham on how bad of a person he was received in the same way as all of the other messages were received before that, he answered along the lines of what an interesting girl I am and how pleasant it is to communicate with me.

In order to warn the fair sex about the dangers lurking in the network, I contacted the head of the Detective Agency “Private Investigation Bureau” George Ambrose.

What are some other common scamming schemes that I may have encountered on a dating site?

Let’s look into just some of the examples provided by George.

The first scheme is focused on exploiting the tender and gentle hearts of female users, here’s the gist of it: a woman starts receiving messages from a man that confesses his love straight away. Now this may sound like a fishy thing to you and me, but lots of women fall for these sorts of scammers. But then, suddenly, a man says that he is in a bit of a pickle and requires some help from you of any kind, usually something involving money. A variation of this method of fraud can be an inconsolable widower who saw an exact copy of a deceased wife or daughter in you.

This is quite a common practice to download all sorts of images of wealthy men online, admirals, businessmen, artists, etc. and then to confess love to women. It works most of the time, and it seems like some of these victims aren’t even that mad about the entire situation that happened to them, as some of them will say that “there is no doubt about it, he was the most charming man I’ve ever met, he was the best.”

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Some scammers indulge in blackmail, threatening to talk about a relationship to a husband and pulling money out of their victim, these poor people may spend some serious money in order to not let the truth come out. In such an extremely unpleasant situation, wealthy married women are more likely to become victims.

Your virtual friend unexpectedly turns out to be in your city, and he has problems, and there is no one to ask for help other than you.

After a woman has decided that a foreign man with whom she is in correspondence, is suitable for the role of spouse, she decides to go out and meet him. A place for a meeting is arranged, let’s say an expensive resort, a scammer recommends its victim to book the tickets via this great booking service that he has. A victim books the tickets and that is the end of the story…

Well, and, finally, there is the most bizarre one… “Nigerian princes.” This scam is a pretty simple one and it’s either that a wealthy Nigerian prince wants to marry a woman and needs a bit of help, or scammer somehow got your e-mail and are now pretending like your long lost millionaire uncle just passed away.