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Written by CrossdressMalgosia1225

I have been suffering from the topic since the age of 8 years. It took me a few years to grow up a little and I said: once goat's death. I sat down and told the family that there is something that does not give me peace. That I change from time to time. My family was a bit scared, but quickly found out that I am an adult and that she guessed I was a transvestite.

Their reaction was that I was misunderstood. To be sure two days later I came back to the subject. I said I'm not a homosexual transvestite. Family stated that he knows and understands. But I think he does not understand. How can it all be understood by someone on the side.

I said a, say b. A month later I came to the conclusion that you should show your family in this "more beautiful" incarnation. I prepared some clothes and then I started to transform.
During that day, I got the feeling that we were scared of our loved ones, because they were not in a position to accept my differences.
I have now over 30 years and decided to seek acceptance elsewhere in the other hand I give you CrossdresserMalgosia1225


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